About Us

Esteau™ Australia is an Australian based company whose mission is to help people like you feel confident and know your skin is in great shape. 

Founded in 2016. Maher Bustanji (Managing Director) who has experience in importing and exporting products throughout the global market discovered this great new technology hidden in the far east. The technology was patented and copyrighted but not marketed well throughout the global market. It was scientifically proven and everything had been done to set the foundation for Esteau© to burst onto the market.

Not only was this a scientifcally proven, amazing technology but also doubled as a sterliser and moisturizer . This meant that mothers and all users could not only clean their skin day and night, but also keep it in their purse for use on toilet seats, kids toys and pacifiers. Also moisturising the skin for up to 8 hours. The USB charged unit also meant it could be charged literally anywhere there was a USB point available.

We look forward to helping all Australians forget about creams and lotions, not be frightened if they have sensitive skin, and be confident in using the Esteau unit to get great results and flawless skin and all at the touch of a button where ever you go. The future of Skin Care is here and we are excited for what it holds for Esteau Australia.