Frequently Asked Questions

You might find some answers here, so it could be worth having a look!

How long does the water stay sterilized and hydrogenated?

12 hours. After 12 hours just press the sensor again and after 30 seconds the water will then be re sterilized and hydrogenated.

What does it mean when the blue light is flashing?

When the blue light flashes that means, the unit is running low on battery and will need to charge soon. 2 hours charge time gives you a fully charged battery and up to 70 uses.

Is the Esteau unit certified and tested?

Yes! The Esteau unit is certified and tested in three countries by clinical laboratories and all show proven results.

How do I charge my Esteau unit?

You may charge your Esteau unit via USB. You can plug it anywhere from your room to your car.

Can I fill it with any type of water?

No! You must only use natural tap water. Using filtered water or any other non-natural water will damage the Nano processor within the unit.

How many times a day do I use it for best results for skin care?

Use it in the morning before applying anything to your skin, and then at night after removing your make up.

Can I use it to sterilize my hands?

Yes! The Esteau unit acts as a sterilizer. You can use it on your toothbrush, public toilet seats, your blankets and pillows, your car seats, your baby’s dummy’s and toys and also spraying it into your mouth kills bad breath.

How long is the warranty for?

The warranty lasts one year. There are terms and conditions, so please see our Returns Policy Page for a full explanation.

What should I do if I receive a faulty product?

Contact us through with your details and all you have to do is return the product to us and we will send you out a new one.

Which payment methods are accepted with Esteau?

Our preferred payment method is PayPal, you may also check out as a guest using your credit card via PayPal.

How long will delivery take?

Items are dispatched from Australia and will arrive in 5-7 business days.

What is the returns Policy?

Please see the returns policy page for full details on warranty and policy of returns.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes, you will receive an email with the invoice of your order. Please print and keep the invoice with you for warranty purposes.

What are delivery charges for orders online?

We provide free delivery Australia wide.